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Larger- and medium-sized family-owned companies are typically the companies we offer counseling.

Larger companies utilize us within three fields. Even companies with access to the world’s largest banks pay us to do consecutive presentations about our expectations for the financial market. The reason for this is that we can offer a tailored presentation with starting-point in the individual company’s most important financial risks. This includes all the larger economies, their currencies, interest and stock rates. The conversations are often lively and may serve as an improvement of internal presentations or strategic considerations.

Even large financial departments do not have the capacity to study a given subject with a specific and probably meaningful financial risk in depth. We have the expertise to offer the work of such models, which describe possible scenarios of financial risk, and at the same time years of experience from the financial market. This provides us the necessary ballast to contribute with valuable risk assessments from all angles.

China is, to many larger companies, an integrated part of the operation. Because of that, we have chosen to incorporate the necessary insight locally about China in order to be a strong and interesting sparring partner in the development in China, as well as the company’s financial department in Europe. China is, at Lundgreen’s Capital, an integrated part of operation.

Medium-sized companies may profit from choosing to use Lundgreen’s Capital in the evaluation of one or few large significant financial market risks. This includes proposed solutions to how the company may handle these, or we provide a second opinion to solutions provided by banks. It makes sense to utilize Lundgreen’s Capital at management and board level when working through strategic financial market risks. We take starting-point in the company’s individual risks; because of this, the work becomes very focused and profitable. Raising capital is a constant with many medium-sized companies. We have worked several times with assignments within this field, including construction of and/or a going through of business plans. Our many years’ experience within the financial sector contributes to the necessary understanding of decision-making and work processes within the banks.