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Lundgreen's Financial Services

A large number of Danish municipalities use Lundgreen’s Capital for financial advisory. The municipalities and regional governments experience a wide range of advantages by choosing us. We are completely independent and do not sell any financial products and work exclusively within the interest of the municipality.

The local government may use us for regular advisory on assets and liabilities or choose our advisory service on an ad hoc basis. On these occasions, we provide concrete advice as to which positions the government may take in accordance with its risk appetite.
We assist many municipal governments with savings related to asset management either through price cuts, through changes to the asset management or through a different asset management portfolio. We prepare financial strategies for the local governments in collaboration with the public administration and the finance committee. We typically present these strategies to the finance committee or the city council and it is not unusual that we do general presentations or even workshops about financial risks for the same audience.

We function as sounding board when it comes to directives from Banks, debt advisory and asset management or we can attend to the professional work in relation to the public supplies enabling the government to outsource the task as a project to Lundgreen’s Capital.

We publish exclusively for municipalities and regional governments “Financial Quarterly for Local and Regional Government” – view a published copy here