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Lundgreen’s China Fund

Lundgreen’s China Fund is a balanced mutual investment fund investing in Chinese stocks and bonds listed outside China.
The fund has a balanced investment strategy which includes Chinese stocks and bonds and is open for all investors.
It invests in selected “value stocks” and attractive growth stocks, plus corporate bonds. The securities are mainly listed outside China- over time, the proportion of domestic listed securities will grow.
It is highly anticipated that the fund will serve as a key portfolio component when investors are creating a global investment portfolio aimed for growth.  Both small and large customers can wisely and conveniently invest in the world’s second-largest economy- China.
Lundgreen’s Capital and its cooperation partners continuously work closely together in order to purposefully disseminate client’s money into Chinese stocks and bonds that are listed outside China and on the Chinese mainland. The fund doesn’t track an index, but all investments reflect a portfolio of well-considered Chinese Securities. It makes the fund more unique, as it is a truly actively managed fund representing the professional views from Lundgreen’s Capital and the cooperation partners.
The China Fund sets itself apart from other funds mainly due to the clear choice of companies and sectors that Lundgreen’s Capital forecasts to benefit from the ongoing economic growth in China and in selected Chinese companies.