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The Brand Lundgreens

Lundgreen’s Capital:  Professional investment advisory based on decades of experience and high-caliber insight.  Established in 2009 and licensed by the Danish FSA.

Lundgreens’ Financial Services: Handles tender/RFP processes for family offices, funds, trusties, and public institutions when selecting asset managers and other cooperation partners. Offers one of Europe’s most advanced portfolio management systems.

Lundgreen’s Publications: Hand-written content derived from the quality insight of the professional advisory business.  In-house weekly articles and quarterly magazines that focus on global financial markets topics and highlights that are easy to digest and read by thousands of readers worldwide.

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The bulls will hardly take over in Germany

The new German government has finally come into place and is now starting its work, this is unlikely to cause the financial markets to shudder right now, but some southern European countries are probably more tense.