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What We Do

The clients choosing Lundgreens Capital demand quality from the cooperation and wish to focus on their individual desires. Our clients are medium-sized companies, local and regional governments as well as wealthy people or holding companies.




Wealthy clients who choose Lundgreen’s Capital as sparring partner are looking for quality and solutions rather than products. We have a professional view on investment possibilities and risks, which is important when allocating a portfolio. We have clients in different countries hence you, as a client will get access to a wide range of information. Experience, combined with professional insight are key factors, when advising wealthy clients, which is the basis for the quality advisory we provide.

The success criteria for the cooperation with our clients is perfectly simple i.e. the best solutions for the client. It is extremely important for us to get an exact idea of your individual needs and your risk appetite – this is exactly the point where we differentiate to banks. Banks have other success criteria, they seek to sell products that will ensure a decent income going forward, and this is the crucial difference to Lundgreen’s Capital.

We are paid solely for the advisory we provide to our clients and have no other income from promotions or the like – therefore we work 100% in the clients’ interest. We do have arrangements with different players within the financial market however all costs and/or price advantages we negotiate are passed on to our clients.

We have reacted to changing trends amongst clients. Lifestyle is of greater importance – the interest for wealth management has declined however, our work is based on the desires of lifestyle that our clients have. Special wishes such as ethics play a much bigger role now than previously. We accept this completely but at the same time we are the solid partner who provides realistic advice about what is possible in order to incorporate individual positions into investments.

The right price for wealth Management has had – and rightly so – great attention. Reducing costs is a natural part of our service for clients. As a result, we do on-going follow-ups on expense structures including the expenses to ourselves.

We do not provide advisory on tax but we can refer to other very competent people within this field.

Family owned businesses

We are used to advise large companies and local governments on liability hence the family owned businesses find a distinguished advantage by using Lundgreen’s Capital. We are sparring partner for the operational company where we can take part in meetings with the bank or evaluate suggestions from banks. At the same time, we advise about the fortune, which typically is to be found within the holding structure of the operational company.

Successful Entrepreneurs and young wealthy people

Our own company is young and we feel that we have a particular good understanding of the successful Entrepreneurs’ attitude and wishes to life, which requires a certain co-operation around the growing fortune’s further progress.
The world has become faster in many ways – same for sudden wealth. Fortunes today can be created through products, that have an immediate value on the global market, or for instance by a sport star who is experiencing great year(s), etc. Typically, these are fortunes created while the person is young, and where the interest for wealth management may be of a different character – a long life is still to be expected. This requires an advisor that one trusts – Lungreen’s Capital.

Owner managers

We are used to consult large companies and local governments on liability therefore the owner managers find a distinguished advantage in using Lundgreen’s Capital. We are sounding board for the operational company where we can take part in meeting with the bank or evaluate suggestions from banks. At the same time we are the consultants on the wealth, which is typically found in the holding company through the operational company.

Successful developers/young people of great wealth

Our own company is young and we feel that we understand the attitude and wishes of the young developer in life; this requires a certain co-operation with the growing fortune’s further progress.
The world has become faster in several ways the same has sudden wealth. Fortunes today can be created through products that has an immediate value on the global market or e.g. a sport star who is experiencing a good year, etc. Typically, these are fortunes, which are created while the person is young, and where the interest for wealth management may be of a different character – a long life is still to be expected. This requires a consultant that one trusts – Lungreen’s Capital.




Larger- and medium-sized family-owned companies are typically the companies we offer counseling.

Larger companies utilize us within three fields. Even companies with access to the world’s largest banks pay us to do consecutive presentations about our expectations for the financial market. The reason for this is that we can offer a tailored presentation with starting-point in the individual company’s most important financial risks. This includes all the larger economies, their currencies, interest and stock rates. The conversations are often lively and may serve as an improvement of internal presentations or strategic considerations.

Even large financial departments do not have the capacity to study a given subject with a specific and probably meaningful financial risk in depth. We have the expertise to offer the work of such models, which describe possible scenarios of financial risk, and at the same time years of experience from the financial market. This provides us the necessary ballast to contribute with valuable risk assessments from all angles.

China is to many larger companies an integrated part of the operation. Because of that, we have chosen to incorporate the necessary insight locally about China in order to be a strong and interesting sparring partner in the development in China, as well as the company’s financial department in Europe. China is at Lundgreen’s Capital an integrated part of operation.

Medium-sized companies may profit from choosing to use Lundgreen’s Capital in the evaluation of one or few large significant financial market risks. This includes proposed solutions to how the company may handle these, or we provide a second opinion to solutions provided by banks. It makes sense to utilize Lundgreen’s Capital at management and board level when working through strategic financial market risks. We take starting-point in the company’s individual risks; because of this, the work becomes very focused and profitable. Raising capital is a constant with many medium-sized companies. We have worked several times with assignments within this field, including construction of and/or a going through of business plans. Our many years’ experience within the financial sector contributes to the necessary understanding of decision-making and work processes within the banks.




A large number of Danish municipalities use Lundgreen’s Capital for financial advisory. The municipalities and regional governments experience a wide range of advantages by choosing us. We are completely independent and do not sell any financial products and work exclusively within the interest of the municipality.

The local government may use

us for regular advisory on assets and liabilities or choose our advisory service on an ad hoc basis. On these occasions, we provide concrete advice as to which positions the government may take in accordance with its risk appetite.
We assist many municipal governments with savings related to asset management either through price cuts, through changes to the asset management or through a different asset management portfolio. We prepare financial strategies for the local governments in collaboration with the public administration and the finance committee. We typically present these strategies to the finance committee or the city council and it is not unusual that we do general presentations or even workshops about financial risks for the same audience.

We function as sounding board when it comes to directives from Banks, debt advisory and asset management or we can attend to the professional work in relation to the public supplies enabling the government to outsource the task as a project to Lundgreen’s Capital.

We publish exclusively for municipalities and regional governments “Financial Quarterly for Local and Regional Government” – view a published copy here




Organisations and foundations will have a number of advantages by using our company. We provide completely independent advisory on any financial product and our work is exclusively in our client’s interest.

Lundgreen’s Capital may be engaged as permanent advisor who provides suggestions for investments, or we can offer evaluation of suggestions from banks and/or fund managers. In these instances, we provide concrete advice on which arrangements one should make based on the risk appetite that has been defined.

We may assist you in saving money on your asset management, either through direct price cuts, or suggest changes to your portfolio.

The many years’ international experience from the financial markets, which is found at Lungreen’s Capital, provides the weight and depth which ought to be present when dealing with the administration of fortunes.