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As the world’s second largest economy, China is a natural area of interest for many companies and increasingly a destination for investors. China is for many reasons complex to understand, which is why we have chosen to use many resources on China in order to be able to offer deep insight to our clients. Throughout the years, we have established our own network in China and we have a small analysis unit located in Hong Kong. Lundgreen’s Capital is able to work with individual requests or exposures for the individual company or investor. Alternatively, we can offer economical presentations about China directly with the client in Europe.

China’s economy is much more than an opinion of the general economical key figures. China is constantly on the move, and our research contains the topics we consider of significant interest. This is why our quarterly magazine about China, “Lungreen’s China Quarterly”, is in high demand and read in more than 10 countries worldwide.

To view a published edition, click here:

China Quarterly - June 2013

Lundgreen’s Capital is increasingly becoming the sounding board when it comes to China however, tax and law are important elements when China is on the agenda and to cover these areas we are happy to provide access to other advisors, with specific insight in these fields.