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Lundgreen’s Capital is the professional sparring partner for companies, municipalities, wealthy clients and organizations when it comes to financial risk. We offer advice both on macroeconomic prospects, and on how the expected development in the financial markets will affect the individual client.

Our company is very young and Lungreen’s Capital is built on passion. The Scandinavian background contributes to how we circumvent with each other. We value honesty towards one another; this creates a relaxed environment, which enables us to put our dedication to what we do first. We are client-focused and diligent and after our hard work, we are good at celebrating success.

Our clients come from Denmark, Finland and Germany. These are consulted from the office in Copenhagen and in addition, we have a small analysis unit in Hong Kong.

At Lundgreen’s Capital, we focus exclusively on quality; we have three core values – trust, insight and commitment. This is fundamental to how we treat our clients and each other. Our company is still small but there is continuous progress and the quality of our work attracts clients and larger serious media from several countries.

Since our company is rather young the development changes depending on the needs of our clients, but there is no doubt that, we attract skilled workforce and have no intention to change that. It is a fundamental requirement that every applicant is skilled, diligent and loyal. Contrariwise, we have a fundamental belief in that our employees bring with them exciting qualities, which provides opportunities for self-development within the everyday life and the work we do. We are of the opinion that potential is equal to talent, and we believe in talent. The company language is English and we expect every employee to master English at a very high level. Teamwork is given and not a quality in itself.


What are the qualities we are looking for?

The preferred application, which may lead to an interview, describes what you may contribute with in order to improve Lundgreen’s Capital and make it even more successful. The application should consist of three personal qualities that you possess, and which will make us remember you.

The areas we find important, and where we will have a need for labor while we grow:

– Professional advisory of our client segments.
– Sales and research in relation to possible clients/client segments.
– Communication is important to us, we are good at it, but we must constantly improve.
– Macroeconomic research.
– Financial market research, especially sector research on stocks.
– Advanced financial risk management and ability to establish policies for risk management.
– Quantitative financial mathematics.
– Global people management in virtual teams.
– Development and building up talent.
– Internal reporting of the balance sheet as well as risk and development of internal instructions.

We believe a fixed salary should reflect the conditions of the market, but a bonus is a natural part of the remuneration when something is carried out successfully, and in these cases, we see our employees as partners. Success is when clients are satisfied and the company gives a certain surplus. Needless to say, the individual performance must be outstanding.

Applicants may contact us on the following e-mail address: